Volumetric Semi-Automatic Dosing Systems for Filling Abrasive Products in Jars/Cans/Tins and Cartridges

Dosatori Volumetrici Prodotti Abrasivi

For filling products containing abrasive particles.

Wide range of volumetric vertical semi-automatic dosing systems for filling products containing abrasive particles such as sand, quartz, microspheres, etc.
These special volumetric dosing systems are equipped with “pad” product inlet and outlet valves rather than a standard 3-way valve, thus avoiding any friction phenomenon.

  • Available in various sizes, according to customer requirements.
  • Continuously adjustable volume manually by means of a threaded screw or as an option by electrical control, with a range from zero up to the maximum volumetric capacity of the dosing system.
  • Parts in contact with the product made of carbon steel or stainless steel, also AISI 420 or 430, or also with ceramic coating.
  • Vertical “pad” product inlet valve with tapered abutment for better sealing even steel on steel, or with “pad” made in PTFE-Teflon®.
  • Vertical filling for maximum flexibility in filling products of any viscosity, from liquid to very highly viscous, having millions of cP/mPa.
  • Mushroom mechanical product cut valve that can also be integrated with an air blow.
  • Dosing start by pedal.
  • Brackets for mounting the dosing system at the side of the press that feeds it, or self-standing support to make the dosing system independent and movable.
  • On request, nitrogen spraying station.
  • On request, “automatic filling cycle” which makes it possible to always end the whole dosing phase even if the operator does not hold down the pedal (in the version without automatic cycle when the operator releases the pedal, the dosing stops).
  • On request, independent support table, height adjustable and on wheels, with a container centering system under the filling nozzle.
  • On request, small press for capping the container with a lid.
  • On request, version with integrated work table on wheels (for easier handling) and with adjustable height dosing system that can adapt to the heights of the various containers.

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