Filling Machine for Multi-Format Jars/Cans/Tins Linear with PLC


Filling machine usually run by a single operator boxing jars/cans/tins and filling the feeder with empty jars/cans/tins.

Fully automatic machine with electro-pneumatic operation, for maximum production performance and on-board diagnostics.

Compact and streamlined machine, moveable in case of need, for filling high-viscosity products (putties, pastes, mastics, glues, pastes for dental impressions, etc.) in multi-format cylindrical or conical jars/cans/tins.

  • PLC and touch screen 7″ display Siemens or, on request, Allen Bradley, Omron, or ASEM with remote control system for assistance from our office.
  • Modular length frame according to the number of selected workstations.
  • Advancement of the jars/cans/tins by means of a beam with step-by-step pushers (also called “walking beam conveyor”), with step length adjustable via touch screen display to adapt to the diameters of each jar/can/tin so that they are always centered under each station.
  • Possibility of a rotating table for feeding empty jars/cans/tins with standard diameter of 1000 mm, or other diameters on request.
  • Easily adaptable to jars/cans/tins of different diameters and heights with very easy change change-over.
  • Filling of the jars/cans/tins through a volumetric dosing unit (also available for abrasive products), manually (or electrically as option on request) adjustable from 0 to 1000 ml, or from 0 to 2000 ml depending on the size of the jars/cans/tins to be filled, with mechanical mushroom valve for cutting the product and, on request, air blow cut.
  • Dosing unit adjustable in height manually or electrically.
  • Can presence control in the filling station (no can = no dosing).
  • Suction-cup separator of the caps with docking station for the vertical stack of lids (for pile-up lids only).
  • Small press for lids adjustable in height for the perfect capping of each jar/can/tin size.
  • Production capacity: up to 15 jars/cans/tins per minute, depending on the product viscosity and the volume of the can.


  • Rotating table or motorized belt on the output for collecting the filled jars/cans/tins.
  • Electrical adjustment of the volume and height of the dosing system via touch screen display.
  • Weight control scale with load cells that communicates with the PLC and system for discarding jars/cans/tins with out-of-tolerance weight.
  • Volumetric feedback after weight control with automatic recovery of the correct weight in case 2 or 3 cans prove to be off weight.
  • Automatic lidding by pressing or screwing.
  • Internet Modem for remote assistance.
  • Version with two in-line dosing systems for bi-component products.

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